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The canton of Thurgau, known mostly for its apple crops, has a vineyard area of around 250 hectares.

Located close to Lake Constance and the river Rhine, the canton enjoys a moderate climate. The vines are cultivated on different soils, ranging from sandy clay with calcareous veins, to deep moraines. The white wines are often aromatic. The variety of reds, mainly Pinot Noir, range from fruity and easy-drinking wine, to well structured barrel wines.

The canton is divided into six wine-growing regions


The Seebachtal or Seebach Valley with its three lakes comprises the wine-growing villages of Nussbaumen, Hüttwilen, Herdern and Diettighofen. The wines from these very well exposed vineyards are known far and wide.

Unteres Thurtal

With 114 hectares, the Unteres Thurtal or Lower Thur Valley has the largest acreage of vines in the canton. It includes the municipalities Neunforn, Warth / Weiningen and Uesslingen with Dietlingen and Iselisberg. Uesslingen is the largest wine-growing town in the canton.


The wine villages of Eschenz, Mammern, Steckborn, Berlingen, Salenstein (Arenenberg), Ermatingen and Tägerwilen produce mainly Müller-Thurgau grapes. Even though the vineyards are located partly on hillsides oriented towards the north and west, they produce predominantly fruity and bouquet-rich wines.


In the northwestern part of the Canton there are vineyards in Diessenhofen, Basadingen and Schlattingen.


Lauchetal or Lauche Valley is the smallest wine area in in the canton of Thurgau. The vineyards of Frauenfeld, Ettenhausen (Aadorf) and Stettfurt with its castle Sonnenberg stretch out on sunny hillsides facing south.

Oberes Thurtal

The vineyards of the municipalities of Weinfelden and Märstetten / Ottoberg are in the center of the Upper Thur Valley or Oberes Thurtal in german. The designation "Ottenberg" linked to this place is valid for all the plots of Thurberg and Ottenberg. The Upper Thur Valley also includes the smaller vineyards of the castle Hagenwil, as well as the municipalities of Amlikon, Götighofen, Sulgen, Buchackern and Mauren. 

Key information

Total surface:
267 ha
9% (DS)
Source: BLW
White surface:
89 ha
Red surface:
168 ha