SWP - A great Swiss Wine ambassador has left us

The death of Benoît Violier leaves the Swiss wines orphans. This great leader –of French origin- loved Switzerland to the point of becoming Swiss, just one year ago. "We are Swiss! When we travel around Europe, my wife and I are called the Swiss," he confided to Darius Rochebin during a very emotional recent TV interview, joking about the French media who rarely mentioned his dual nationality.

He loved the art of living in Switzerland, "the Swiss discretion, which I like very much." He also liked our wines. In the wine list of the Hotel de Ville de Crissier, Swiss wines were well represented. They were listed with the most prestigious wines of the world. He loved our land, our wine and our producers. Benoît Violier's cooking style magnified our wines, while Swiss Wines lose a great ambassador. The winemakers lose a friend.

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