Swiss wine stars announced at the Gala des Vins Suisses - Les Frères Dutruy (Founex, VD) voted Swiss Winery of the Year 2017

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The stars of the Swiss wine scene were announced at the Gala dinner held in Bern, attended by Switzerland's major players. Of the 78 short-listed wines from across the country, 39 were award winners, carrying off the first, second and third place prizes given for each of the 13 categories. This year, all of Switzerland's wine regions won awards, with canton Valais winning 6 of the competition's 13 categories. Les Frères Dutruy (Founex, VD) took the highly-coveted prize of Swiss Winery of the Year 2017. The Organic prize was won by Reynald Parmelin (Begnins, VD), with the two Vinissimo awards won by Vinigma Gmbh (Basel, BS) for white wine, and Piccola Vigna (Coldrerio, TI) for the red.

The champions of the Swiss wine world have been announced. The suspense was finally lifted today at Bern's Kursaal Allegro in front of an audience of over 400 names from the wine, politics and media sectors. The 13 category winners and three special prize winners were announced, and the title of Swiss Winery of the Year was awarded to Les Frères Dutruy from Founex (VD).

The gala dinner is the high point of the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse, Switzerland's largest wine competition which attracts more than 2800 entries and which is organised in conjunction with VINEA association and specialist wine magazine Vinum.

Once again this year an international jury of 10 experts tasted the short-listed wines and selected the best three wines in each category. The judging panel noted the exceptional quality of the 78 wines competing for trophies this year.

Prize winners from across Switzerland

Canton Valais (Switzerland's largest wine region) was on the winners' podium 14 times this year, ahead of German-speaking Switzerland (8) with les Grisons, Zurich, and Basel, Vaud (7), Neuchâtel Trois Lacs (5), Geneva (3) and Ticino (2). For the first time this year, the regions of Zürich, Neuchâtel Trois Lacs and Geneva won several awards. 

Canton Valais won six categories: other white mono-varietals, Pinot Noir, Gamay, other red mono-varietals, wines with residual sugar and sparkling wines. The Chasselas category was won by canton Vaud; Ticino won the Merlot category, with Les Grisons carrying off the Müller-Thurgau. The Best Rosé came from Neuchâtel, the Best Blend categories were won by Basel (white) and Zürich (red). The new Gamaret-Garanoir mono-varietal or blend category was carried off by canton Geneva.

Special prizes

Four special prizes were also awarded at this event:

  • Swiss Winery of the Year 2017: Les Frères Dutruy, Founex (VD). With several medal-winning wines, two short-listed wines and two winners, Christian and Julien Dutruy have certainly made their mark this year (the first vintage to be vinified in their brand new winery).
  • Swiss organic prize: Vengaence Tardive Begnins 2016, AOC La Côte, Domaine la Capitaine, Begnins (VD): Reynald Parmelin took the Organic Wine Prize once again, with a Pinot Gris that has remarkable finesse.
  • Vinissimo prize: Coup de cœur Blanc. Won by A Priori 2016, AOC Valais, Vinigma gmbh, Basel (BS), an elegant Valais blend which is finely balanced. 
  • Prix Vinissimo “Coup de cœur” red: Piccola Vigna Merlot Barrique 2013, Doc Ticino, Piccola Vigna Sagl, Coldrerio (TI): a Merlot with silky tannins, made from perfectly-ripe fruit.

Helpful guidance for Swiss wine fans

The Swiss Wine Gala awards ceremony was organised for the first time at the Kursaal-Allegro in Bern in front of an audience of more than 400 wine growers and famous names from the world of wine, politics and the media. It is not just a showcase for Swiss wine excellence but also a valuable networking opportunity for those working in the sector.

The Grand Prix du Vin Suisse is Switzerland's leading wine competition: for 11 years it has been recognising and rewarding the work of Swiss growers by giving them a platform and boosting awareness of Swiss wines. It is also an ideal tool for encouraging loyalty amongst the Swiss wine-buying public and for attracting consumers, who refer to the prize winners' list and then look for the corresponding medals on bottles of wine.

Results and photos

The list of winners from the 11th edition of the Grand Prix du Vin Suisse can be found on the following sites:  

Photographs of the winners and of the evening's events can be downloaded from 11.00 pm onwards at

A special report about GPVS 2017 and the winners will be published in specialist wine magazine VINUM.


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«Winery of the year» 2017

Les Frères Dutruy, Founex, Vaud



Apriori 2016, AOC Valais, Vinigma Gmbh - Basel (BS)                       

PRIX VINISSIMO "Coup de cœur"  RED

Piccola Vigna Merlot Barrique 2013, DOC Ticino, Piccola Vigna Sagl - Coldrerio (TI)


Vengeance tardives Begnins 2016, AOC La Côte, Domaine la Capitaine (Biodynamique) – Begnins (VD)



1st place. St-Saphorin Bellevue 2016, Lavaux AOC, Les fils Rogivue – 1071 Chexbres (VD)

2nd place. La Rionde Saint- Saphorin 2016, Lavaux AOC, Patrick Fonjallaz  – 1098 Epesses (VD)

3rd place. Fendant Martigny 2016, AOC Valais, Alexis Jacquérioz SA – 1920 Martigny (VS)



Calamin Grand Cru 2016, Lavaux AOC, Domaine Antoine Bovard – 1096 Cully (VD)

Domaine de la Doges 2016, Lavaux AOC, J. & P. Testuz SA – 1800 Vevey (VD)

Fendant 2015, AOC Valais, Ozenit –  3977 Granges (VS)


MÜLLER-THURGAU (Riesling – Sylvaner)

1st place. Jeninser Riesling – Sylvaner 2016, AOC Graubünden, Obrecht Weine – 7307 Jenins (GR)

2nd place. Riesling-Sylvaner 2016,  AOC Zürichsee, Schnorf Weinbau – 8707 Uetikon Am See (ZH)

3rd place. Baselbieter Riesling-Sylvaner 2016, AOC Basel-Landschaft, Siebe Dupf Kellerei AG – 4410 Liestal (BL)



Nobler Weisser 2016, Vin de Pays Suisse, Weingut Nadine Saxer – 8413 Neftenbach (ZH)

Initio 2016, AOC Zürichsee, Klosterkellerei Einsiedeln – 8840 Einsiedeln (ZH)

Riesling Sylvaner 2016, AOC St.Gallen, Weingut am Steinig Tisch – 9425 Thal (SG)



1st place. Petite Arvine 2015,  AOC Valais, 'Cave du Rhodan Mounir Weine AG - 3970 Salgesch (VS)

2nd place. Païen 2016, AOC Valais, Cave des Bernunes – 3960 Sierre (VS)

3rd place. Païen les Bernunes 2016, AOC Valais, Cave Sandrine, Anne-Carole et et Conrad Caloz  – 3972 Miège (VS)



Pinot Blanc de Chardonne 2016, AOC Lavaux, Gianni Bernasconi – 1803 Chardonne (VD)

Petite Arvine Domaine de Clavoz 2015, AOC Valais, Renaissance Vins SA – 1906 Charrat (VS)

Heida Réserve 2014, AOC Valais, Cave Corbassière – 1913 Saillon (VS)


WHITE BLENDS                                                     

1st place. Apriori 2016, AOC Valais, Vinigma Gmbh – 4053 Basel (BS)

2nd place. Premium Blanc 1er cru 2015, AOC Genève, Domaine Château du Crest – 1254 Jussy (GE)

3rd place. Domaine Chervet Cuvée de l’Arzille 2015, AOC Vully, Domaine Chervet – 1788 Praz (Vully) (FR)



Cassiopée Perroy Grand Cru 2016, AOC La Côte, La Vaudoise des Quatre-vents – 1166 Perroy (VD)

L’as de Cœur 2016, AOC la Côte, Cave de Jolimont SA – 1185 Mont-sur-Rolle (VD)

Libertin 2015, AOC Valais, Cave Petite Vertu – 1955 Chamoson (VS)



1st place. Oeil-de-Perdrix les Petits Crêts 2016, AOC Neuchâtel, Caves des Coteaux – 2017 Areuse-Boudry (NE)

2nd place. Oeil-de-Perdrix 2016, AOC Neuchâtel, J.-Ch. Porret – 2016 Cortaillod (NE)

3rd place. Oeil -de -Perdrix 2016, AOC Neuchâtel, Caves du Château d'Auvernier – 2012 Auvernier (NE)



Speed Tasting 2016, AOC La Côte, Berthaudin SA – 1227 Carouge (GE)

Domaine rosé 2016, AOC Genève, Domaine Château du Crest,  J. Meyer - 1254 Jussy (GE)

Federweisser 2016, AOC Zürichsee, Weinbau Wetli, Männedorf – 8708 Männedorf (ZH)



1st place. Pinot Noir Clos de La Coutaz Vex 2015, AOC Valais, Domaine Jean-René Germanier – 1963 Vétroz (VS)

2nd place. Pisür Pinot Noir de Salquenen 2015, AOC Valais, Cave Saint Philippe – 3970 Salgesch (VS)

3rd place. Pinot Noir Barrique Wiesendangen 2015, AOC Zürich, Kindhauser-Berghof – 8542 Wiesendangen (ZH)



Pinot Noir Sélection 2015, AOC Graubünden, Johanni Weinbau – 7307 Jenins (GR)

Pinot Noir Barrique 2015, AOC Schaffhausen, Aagne Familie Gysel – 8215 Hallau (SH)

Pinot Noir Barrique 2015, AOC Zürichsee, Agroscope Wädenswil – 8820 Wädenswil (ZH)



1st place. Gamay 2016, AOC Valais, Cave Mabillard – 1971 Champlan (VS)

2nd place. Le Baron Rouge 1er Cru  2016, AOC Genève, Domaine des Charmes – 1242 Satigny (GE)        

3rd place. Gamay Confidentiel 2015, AOC Côtes de l'Orbe, Château de Valeyres – 1358 Valeyres-Sous-Rances (VD)



Dézaley Grand Cru Versailles 2015, AOC Lavaux, Les Frères Dubois – 1096 Cully (VD)

Gamay Réserve du Domaine 2015, AOC Genève, Domaine des Molards – 1281 Russin (GE)

Gamay 2016, AOC Valais, Nouveau St-Clément, C. Lamon & Cie SA – 3978 Flanthey (VS)



1st place. Piccola Vigna Merlot Barrique 2013, DOC Ticino, Piccola Vigna Sagl – 6877 Coldrerio (TI)

2nd place. Le Bernardin Collection  B. Ravet 2015, AOC La Côte, Uvavins - Cave de la Côte – 1131 Tolochenaz (VD)

3rd place. Castelrotto 2015, DOC Ticino, Tamborini Carlo SA – 6814 Lamone (TI)



Merlot Apicius Vieilles Vignes 2014, AOC Chablais, Hammel SA - Terres de Vins – 1180 Rolle (VD)

Pian Marnino Merlot 2015, DOC Ticino, Agriturismo Tenuta Pian Marnino – 6515 Gudo (TI)

Ronco dei Profeti 2015, IGT Svizzera Italiana, Tenuta Agricola Luigina SA – 6855 Stabio (TI)



1st place. Cornalin 2016, AOC Valais, Kellerei Leukersonne – 3952 Susten (VS)

2nd place. Syrah Réserve 2015, AOC Valais, Cave du Vieux Moulin – 1963 Vétroz (VS)

3rd place. Syrah Diego Mathier 2015, AOC Valais, & D. Mathier Nouveau Salquenen AG – 3970 Salgesch (VS)



Syrah Modus Vivendi 2012, AOC Valais, Cave du Vidomne – 1955 St-Pierre-de-Clages (VS)

Cayas Syrah 2013, AOC Valais, Domaine Jean-René Germanier – 1963 Vétroz (VS)

Syrah 2016, AOC Valais, Cave Mabillard – 1971 Champlan (VS)



1st place. Plural 2015, AOC Zürich, Weingut Erich Meier – 8707 Uetikon am See (ZH)

2nd place. Baton Rouge 2012, Vin de table Suisse, Cave du Vidomne – 1955 St-Pierre-de-Clages (VS)

3rd place. Binôme 2015, Vin de Pays Suisse, Zweifel Weine & Getränke AG – 8049 Zürich (ZH)



Vindala 2014, IGT Svizzera Italiana, Cantina Settemaggio – 6513 Monte Carasso (TI)

M&G 2015, DOC Ticino, Cantina Magiro – 6518 Gorduno (TI)

Sequana 2016,  AOC Thurgau, Weingut Wolfer – 8570 Weinfelden (TG)



1st place. Légende 2015, AOC Genève, Domaine du Centaure – 1283 Dardagny (GE)

2nd place. Le Désir Noir 2016, AOC La Côte, Domaine de la Crosettaz – 1182 Gilly (VD)

3rd place. Gamaret 2014, AOC Zürichsee, Weinbau Wetli, Männedorf – 8708 Männedorf (ZH)



Gamaret 2016, AOC La Côte, Domaine de la Croix – 1183 Bursins (VD)

Les Réserves de l'Abbatiale 2016, AOC Lavaux, Les Propriétés de la Ville de Payerne – 1530 Payerne (VD)

Métissage Cuvée Pénélope 2015, AOC Neuchâtel, Caves de Chambleau – 2013 Colombier (NE)



1st place. Domaine Tourbillon 2012, AOC Valais, Provins Valais – 1951 Sion (VS)

2nd place. Les Romaines Gewürztraminer 2015, AOC La Côte, Les Frères Dutruy – 1297 Founex (VD)

3rd place. Johannisberg Saint-Martin 2013, AOC Valais, Domaine du Mont d'Or SA – 1951 Sion (VS)



Petite Arvine flétrie 2013, AOC Valais, Domaine des Muses – 3960 Sierre (VS)

Muscat flétri La mia follìa 2015, AOC Valais, Cave Cordonier et Lamon SA – 3978 Flanthey (VS)        

Millefiori 2015, IGT Svizzera Italiana, Agriloro SA – 6852 Genestrerio (TI)



1st place. Brut de l'Orpailleur 2014, AOC Valais,  Frédéric Dumoulin SA - L'Orpailleur – 1958 Uvrier (VS)

2nd place. Les Romaines Brut Rosé 2015, AOC La Côte, Les Frères Dutruy – 1297 Founex (VD)

3rd place. Bel Héritage 2012, Vin de Pays Suisse, Mauler et Cie SA – 2112 Môtiers (NE)



Champvigny Brut, AOC Genève, Domaine de Champvigny – 1242 Satigny (GE)

Jeanne 2015, AOC Valais, Cave du Chevalier Bayard SA – 3953 Varen (VS)

Crémant brut 2014, AOC Aargau, Weingut FIBL – 5070 Frick (AG)