21 countries take part in the 21st Mondial des Pinots competition

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21 countries! A symbolic number that gives strong confirmation of the international aspect of the Mondial des Pinots, which this year celebrates its 21st birthday in Sierre. The awards ceremony takes place today in the Jubilee Space in the centre of the VINEA wine fair that opens its doors tomorrow. This year, an extraordinary 8 Great Gold medals were attributed, of which 4 went to Swiss cellars – a record number.

From 17:00-20:00, fans of this grape, so highly regarded in the wine world, will have the opportunity to taste the wines that have just received their medals, during the Festival of Award-winning Pinots that will take place at the Hôtel de Ville in Sierre.

The tasting sessions for the Mondial des Pinots, organized by VINEA and run under the patronage of the OIV, UIOE and USOE, took place 5-8 August 2018. The 1,100 wines that were entered were assessed by a group of 58 judges from 20 countries, all of them professionals from the world of wine.

Pinots, plural

The dominant category remains, of course, single grape red Pinot Noir wines, with 676 of these registered, but there were a good number of entries in the rosé and blancs de noirs category (104 wines), as well as Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc (67 and 54 wines respectively) and sparkling wines (46 wines). The Gran Maestro category, where 3 consecutive vintages of the same wine are judged, rewards the talent and reliably good work of growers and winemakers: 78 wines were entered in this category.

Eight Great Gold medals

The competition’s highest honour is the Great Gold medal, given to wines that have been awarded notes of 92 points or higher out of 100. In 2018, 8 wines received this prestigious award: 4 Swiss wines, 3 German and, for the first time, a wine from Kazakhstan, a fine performance that marks its first-ever participation in the Mondial des Pinots.

The Swiss winners are from cantons Vaud (2), Basel-Land and Valais.

In addition to the Great Gold medals, wines were awarded: 93 gold medals, 233 silver, for a total of 30% of all wines entered receiving medals, in line with the OIV’s competition standards.

Special prizes: Germany and German-speaking Switzerland

Ten special prizes are offered, in addition to the medals (see attached list). Georg Schlegel from Weingut zur Alten Post in Graubünden won the Gran Maestro title for the second year running, this year for his oaked Pinot Noir Pradafant. The best wine of the competition was from Germany: Spätburgunder Spätlese trocken Siebeldingen in Sonnenschein 2015, Südliche Weinstrasse du Wein und Sektgut Wilhelmshof. Germany doubled its top wins by also taking the prize for the best Pinot Blanc.  Best Swiss Pinot went to Weingut Jauslin in Muttenz for its renowned Hohle Gasse Grand Cru 2015.

Pinot to star for 3 days, with a festival, stand and tasting workshop

Starting at 17:00, 20 producers whose wines have won awards will take part in a tasting session of their prize wines, at the Hôtel de Ville in Sierre. Entry: CHF20 per person.

During the VINEA wine festival the stand for winning Pinots, located in the transparent Jubilee tent, will allow visitors to explore and taste a selection of wines – Pinot Noirs, Pinot Blancs, Pinot Gris and rosé wines, sparkling wines and blends, all of them recent award winners. A workshop, “Voyage sur la planète des Pinots primés” , will round out the events that highlight this grape, Friday 31 August from 17:30 to 19:00, as part of the VINEA wine competition. Registration:




Best wine of the competition: Model Emballages SA

Spätburgunder Spätlese trocken Siebeldingen Im Sonnenschein 2015, Südliche Weinstrasse, Wein und Sektgut Wilhelmshof, Siebeldingen, Allemagne


Best Swiss Pinot Noir: Syngenta AG

Hohle Gasse Grand Cru Pinot Noir Muttenz 2015, AOC Basel-Landschaft, Weingut Jauslin, Muttenz BL, Suisse


Pinot Noir Gran Maestro: House Riedel Glasses

1.  Pinot Noir Pradafant Barrique 2007-2006-2005, AOC Graubünden, Weingut zur alten Post, Jenins, GR, Suisse

2.  Pinot Noir Réserve 2008-2007-2006, AOC Valais, Domaine des Muses, Sierre VS, Suisse

3. Büchli Pinot Noir Barrique 2016-2015-2014, AOC Aargau, Büchli Weine, Effingen AG, Suisse


Vinofed prize: Swiss Wine Promotion

Pinot Noir Barrique 2016, AOC Zürichsee, Weingut Erich Meier, Uetikon am See ZH, Suisse


Best Pinot blanc: VINUM

Bötzinger Weißer Burgunder Eiswein 2016, Deutschland-Baden-Kaiserstuhl-Bötzingen, Winzergenossenschaft Bötzingen am Kaiserstuhl AG, Bötzingen, Allemagne


Best Pinot gris: Felco SA

Pinot gris 2016, AOC Chablais, Les Celliers du Chablais SA, Aigle VD


Best rosé de Pinot and blanc de noirs: Serex Constructions Plastiques

Oeil-de-Perdrix Bertrand de Mestral 2017, AOC Vaud, Uvavins - Cave de la Côte, Tolochenaz VD Suisse


Best sparkling wine: Union Suisse des Oenologues

Champagne Gremillet- Le Millésimé 2009, AOC Champagne, Champagne Gremillet, Balnot sur Laignes France


Best Bio Pinot: Pedro Ballesteros

Domaine de la Métairie d' Alon Pinot Noir "Solaire" 2016, IGP Pays d' Oc, Abbotts & Delaunay, Nuits-Saint-Geroges France


Best red blend: Eticolle 

Assemblage Visperterminen 2015, AOC Valais, Coopérative St. Jodern Kellerei, Visperterminen VS Suisse


The complete list of Mondial des Pinots winner is available on the web site


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