Swiss Sommelier Challenge, here we go again !

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In order to promote Swiss wines and the sommelier role, the Swiss sommeliers association launches the second edition of the "Swiss Sommeliers Challenge" aimed at helping viewers discover our best terroirs through video clips produced by sommeliers from around the world.

Initiated in 2018 by Loik Tavernier (sommelier at the 2* Michelin Châteauvieux restaurant), the "Swiss Sommeliers Challenge" aims at introducing the Swiss wine landscape to the world. 

Last year 40 candidates described their favourite wine in a video clip, among them Paolo Basso - best sommelier of the world 2013 - and many foreign sommeliers. This unprecedented production has been very successful with Internet viewers.

To organize the 2019 edition, the association has partnered with Claire Mallet - The Wine Trotter, to develop this unique and fun showcase for Swiss wines.


The principle of the Swiss Sommelier Challenge

To participate wine professionals must produce a one-minute video introducing the Swiss vineyards, a region and commenting the chosen wine from the region.

  • June 30 is the deadline for sending the video clips.
  • On July 15th all video clips will be published at the same time on the sommelier’s You Tube channel, on the website and on the Facebook page of the ASSP association.
  • The participants will relay the links among their networks around the world in order to collect a maximum of "views" on You tube.
  • On September 15, we will total the views and the winners will be announced as well as the prizes received from our precious sponsors.

Please note that this year the competition is aimed at sommeliers from all over the world as well as professionals from the world of wine. Winemakers or employees of a domain are not allowed to participate unless they are invited to participate in the clip of a sommelier. Lovers of wine are also asked to abstain.

Watch the 2018 videos on the sommelier’s You tube channel or on the Facebook page of the ASSP association.


The 2018 edition key numbers

  • 40 videos
  • 6 languages
  • 7,690 likes on Facebook

Personalities who supported the event:

  • Paolo Basso, best sommelier of the world 2013
  • Myriam Broggi-Praz, Best Swiss Sommelier 1987
  • Christophe Menozzi, best Swiss Sommelier 1999
  • Fabio Miccoli, best Swiss Sommelier 2009 and 2013
  • Réza Nahaboo, Best Swiss Sommelier 2016



Check the list of numerous prizes available to participants in Switzerland and around the world.


For more information, visit the website, or contact: Claire Mallet +41 78 608 35 34, [email protected]