Swiss Open Wineries Calendar 2017

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Swiss Wine Promotion is pleased to announce the next Swiss open wineries event to be held over four weekends in six different wine regions across the country between April 29 and June 4, 2017.


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More than 200,000 visitors

What began in Geneva and the German speaking part of Switzerland as a regional event has become the national meeting for producers and their audience. More than half of Swiss producers participate and attract more than 200,000 people each year.

Relationships and tastings

The combination of the proximity of producers and a renewed interest in local products make the success of these days. Producers obviously enjoy meeting the public and share the fruits of their labour. While for the public it is an opportunity to discover the quality of the products, understand the process of making wine and buy from the source.

Six regions, six identities to discover

The Swiss open wineries event spreads over 4 weekends and across the six wine making regions of Switzerland. It is an invitation to discover producers beyond your area of residence. This year Neuchâtel, Bielersee and the German-speaking Switzerland open the way followed by Valais, Vaud and finally Geneva and Ticino. See the schedules below.

The Swiss open wineries contest

Once again Swiss Wine invites the public to share its visits by participating in a contest with many prizes of wine.


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Swiss Open Wineries 2017

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